Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The latest, the greatest and the not so greatest

Good day loyal readers!  Again I've been harassed into posting here.
Let me fill you in on the most recent developments here at Chez Martin-May.
Audrey is almost nine months old.  Anson went in to get her this morning and for the first time, she was standing up in her crib waiting for him.  I wouldn't be surprised if she took off running at some point soon - how scary is that - like a little doll running around.  She has four teeth on top, two on the bottom.  She's still our happy, smiley friendly girl.  Sleeping well, eating well, and generally being wonderful.
The postpartum depression is a sneaky bugger.  I'm going back to see the lovely counselor at the IWK.  As far as the previously mentioned light headed-ness and fainting spells, I saw a Neurologist and have had an EEG.  After an MRI I will go back in for results.  Still feeling light headed but no fainting for a little while now :)  Did I mention I had my wisdom teeth out and I quit smoking?  Almost two months ago now.

I'm back to work full time, and as I work mornings and Anson works evenings we are sharing child care.  It's been challenging but we don't see any other way to do it.

In my spare time I have been soaking up books like a sponge.  Since Anson gave me the e-reader for Christmas I must have read twenty five books on it.  The most challenging thing is finding good books to download.  I'd love any suggestions.  I'm forever scouring top 10 fiction lists.

I'm standing by my departure from facebook - I don't miss it at all.  I've felt at times that I'm out of the loop, and I really am.  I see my family and friends about the same amount as I did pre-facebook-departure.  I wonder as I'm typing now if the people I had as friends on facebook have noticed that I left?  Or if they went to look at my profile one day and found that I was no longer there, and thought that I had deleted or blocked them?  I don't put too much thought into it.  I've been on twitter to share photos and occasional observations. I'd love to keep in touch with any of my loved ones via email.  

I hope that you, reading this, are well - thank you for listening/reading.