Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A cheesy reflection.

I was driving home from dropping my Sis off at the airport in the wee hours of this cold morning and it occurred to me, how easy this life has been made to be for me.

My daughter and I were warm, safe and comfortable in our beat-up Honda.  Driving home towards our heated apartment, where I am free to use my computer to write a blog, turn on the oven to bake some banana bread, choose something warm to clothe myself in.  My struggles, which at times can feel overwhelming, seem trivial and surmountable.  How fortunate I am to cradle this child in my arms today.  

I don't have much to say otherwise.  I recently had my wisdom teeth and a molar removed.  It went well and I'm nearly back to my solid food eating self.  Our big girl weighs nearly 20lbs and is in the 88th percentile for weight.  Our doctor is pleased with her development.  We are planning our family trip to Trinidad in April, to visit my Mum and StepDad.  Anson and I are both investigating exciting new prospects, I realize that's horribly vague but I will say more when decisions have been made.  Everything is looking up!  

My tried-and-true advice for anyone who is interested: Things don't just turn out okay.  You have to work hard to make them okay.  With hard work and perseverance, you can accomplish pretty much anything.       

Monday, January 2, 2012

Ramblings from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, North America, Earth, the Galaxy, the Universe

I often glance in the mirror when I'm washing my hands, or brushing my teeth or blow drying my hair and think of the ancestry that is in my blood, my body, my face.  Somewhere along the line, my ancestors were French, Polish, English, Scottish, Ottawa Valley Native, and Irish.  

In two hundred years, my descendants will be at least partly Canadian.  Will they have my Polish nose, my squinty smile?  For that matter, whose Polish nose and squinty smile am I walking around with?  I look like my Mum - do we look like our Great-Great-Great Grandmother?  

With Mum in Trinidad
My mother carried me in her womb, birthed me, raised me and let me go - just as I am doing for Audrey, and she will do for her children, and her children will eventually do.  Some cultures worship their ancestors.  Ours almost does the opposite of that.  I have very little knowledge of my family past my Grandparents', and even that knowledge is fairly limited.  What a shame.  I'm feeling a pull to create something - to be immortalized in art, literature, music, or through contribution to my fellow people - because I was here.  Until my dying day I will love my daughter, and some day her children, and their children. Thirty isn't too young to consider one's mortality right?  How 2012 of me.

Oddly enough the most pressing matter at hand, is that someone in this room pooped, and I'm pretty sure it was Audrey.  Doody duty calls.
Until next time....