Saturday, July 30, 2011

Audrey is nine weeks old = neck deep in baby

Thanks Lauren, for your encouragement to write this.

Audrey slept through the night again last night, for the 8th or 9th night in a row.  When I say sleeping through the night, I mean she's going to sleep at night anytime between 7:00 and Midnight (7:00 is the goal!), waking up only for sleepy feedings and quick diaper changes.  During which she is awake for less than an hour, and we wake up anytime between 7:00 and 11:30.  
Our baby loves her sleep!

I've started her on a bedtime "routine" of bath, rocking/singing, and then nursing her off to sleep.  I start doing that around 7.  Sometimes the sleep part works, sometimes it doesn't and she's up until midnight.  It's working for now, until we learn a new way of doing it, and I want to work a story in to the equation.

Today I gave her the bath at 2:00pm because the seedy sweet potato gravy poo made it's way up and out of her diaper into her bellybutton.  She loves the bath and I've taken to using a blow dryer on her afterwards (on the lowest coolest setting of course) and she loves that too!    

I'm happy to report that the cloth diapers are an incredible success.  She never has any diaper rash or irritation from them. We love her big fluffy bum. We joke that this is the closest she's going to get to having junk in the trunk, as Anson and I both suffer from "long back syndrome" aka "pancake arse" aka "inverted bum", so we are living vicariously through our baby's big bum.

She's laying on my lap right now, having a nap on the nursing pillow.  She smells like sweet angel babies.  Since I blogged last she's been smiling, the giggle is right around the corner.  The smile more than makes up for the difficult times.  I can hardly believe how much of a joy she is.  She's alert and has a new awareness of her surroundings now.  It's so much fun showing her things for the first time. She follows the kitties with her eyes and watches faces with curiosity.  This past week she weighed in at 11lbs 6oz at the doctor's office.  She took her needles like a champ thanks to my left breast (She only pulled off to wail for less than 5 seconds with each needle).  Dr Longfingernailman had never heard of nursing a baby while doing the needles but I plan on doing it as long as possible!  

Anson has a way with her, he can calm her in the way no one else can.  I've fallen in love with him all over again these last few weeks, watching him turn into an amazing and caring father.

#1 Dad

Baby's next milestone is her christening, Mum is coming from Trinidad, Auntie Adria is coming from Ottawa.  Family is coming from New Brunswick, including Audrey's namesake - Auntie Audrey.  I'm excited to have so much family around!  The baptism should be beautiful at the Cathedral.  

It seems like I'm awfully short on witty anecdotes for this entry.  Hopefully pictures and video will compensate this time!  

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