Thursday, December 8, 2011

It's beginning to look a lot like a crazy December!

Our Christmas tree looks lovely.
My sister, Tara, came over tonight to help us decorate it.
Candy Cane Hot Chocolates were enjoyed.
Anson made a nice broccoli spinach and pepper pasta for supper, followed by cinnamon toast made on homemade cinnamon bread.  Audrey's sleeping peacefully in her crib.
Life is good!

Baby girl is rolling around, reaching, grabbing, eating cereal/fruits/vegetables, laughing, making faces, and almost sitting up on her own.  She's teething - her two bottom teeth are way in and it looks like the top two are next to come in :)  Audrey is such a joy.

I received treatment for post-partum depression from the Reproductive Mental Health team at the I.W.K. Hospital, and I'm quite happy to report that my head is in a much better place now.  I'm really enjoying being a Mum to our lovely girl.  

I want to write a bit about my health to keep my dear friends and family up to date.
winter jacket 2011
I've been feeling light headed and woozy (as if I've had two beer), and frequently had fainting episodes, for the last month and a half or so.  My doctor has me doing all kinds of tests and so far all my ecg/ekg/echo/blood/pee tests have been normal (my family will be pleased to know I have no nutritional deficiencies!).  He has suggested that we look at treating my "anxiety" - I don't really agree with that diagnosis as I am not feeling panicky or nervous, or on edge at all.  Any anxiety that I'm feeling is because I don't know why I'm feeling woozy.  I'd be glad if a cat scan ruled out anything neurological, given my history with the pituitary tumour.  I am seeing a Cardiologist next week and hopefully he will be able to get me that referral to a neurologist.  Apparently unrelated, I've been fighting this bronchitis since October and am on my third round of antibiotics.  Also I need an impacted wisdom tooth removed after the two root canals are done. There's another private thing too, that I won't get into here, but holy crazy December, right?!  

Good thing I'm a tough old bird...

We are planning on a family trip to Trinidad sometime soon, once we get the Doctor's go-ahead to fly.  The thought of smearing Audrey in sunblock and swimming in the ocean together is such a nice thought.  She loves the water!  

Here's Anson and I being idiots

I'll try to keep up with this written diarrhea in the next few weeks.  

I hope you have a fabulous Christmas!

Yours truly,

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